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Traffic lights worksheet

Let’s learn about traffic lights

With our fun whilst learning laminated worksheets for your amazing little learners.  Here you can talk about the colours of traffic lights, what they mean, the order they work.  How important Red means STOP is and much much more.



?Traffic lights ?

Red means STOP, Green means GO!

I have designed these fun wipeable worksheets.  Simply grab a dry erase pen and allow your child to look and discuss how traffic lights works.  Talk about the colours and what they mean.  The order they work in and why.  Use the tracing words to develop spelling knowledge too.  So much learning without even realising it.

We also offer both A4 and A5 options, which are super handy for popping in your handbag and taking on trips or meals out.  Our worksheets are a great source of enjoyment whilst traveling, waiting for your meal to arrive or discussion work when out and about with your amazing little learner.

A4 or A5 size | 160gsm card | 250 micron laminate sheet

We have a number of different sets and worksheets available, please do take a look.  Why not create your very own bumper Amazing Little Learner folder..?

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