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Remembrance Day Poppy Wreath

Celebrate Remembrance Day this year with creating your very own Poppy wreath.  Great to hang in your window or on display to remember all who have or are serving, especially this year when we are unable to take part in traditional parades and services.


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This is a special edition wreath kit.

I am super delighted to bring to you this lovely Remembrance Day Poppy wreath kit, with the permissions from both my local PAO, Poppy Scotland, Murphy’s Army and Peace Pledge Union.

This year I have red, purple and white Poppy wreath making kits available.

You will receive 14 poppy’s to make up a wreath. Then using our glue sticks included you can stick them around your wreath, thus creating a beautiful display.

You can also add a photograph to the centre of the wreath.  Turn your wreath over, take a photo of someone who has or is serving, possibly a family member, a close friend or a relative that you wish to remember.  Then hang it on display this Remembrance Day or in your window to solute and celebrate where we are unable to take part in the traditional parades and services.

I shall be donating 75p from each kit sold to The Poppy Appeal .  This is not an official product, I have designed and created this wreath making kit with my 8 year old daughter.  I have seek and  received permission from my local PAO and Poppy Scotland to produce this product and donate from sales of this product.  Our final total will be posted on my Facebook page @myamazinglittlecrafter


  • Card blank circular shaped wreath
  • Red or Purple or White card poppy flowers x 14
  • Deep green card leaves x 7
  • Grass green card leaves x 7

(or 14 x same green card leaves)

  • Black Centre vinyl stickers x 14
  • Green pipe cleaner
  • Mini glue stick


Dimensions: card wreaths 24cm approximately to max parts

Recommended Age 3+ with adult supervision encouraged

RDP kit difficulty level 2 = Straight Forward

Contact details

Looking for a custom make, personalised product or bulk order requests please simply email us with your requirements.

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