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Pom Pom Activity Set

Come checkout our double sized wipeable worksheets/activity games.  Have great fun sorting, matching, counting and even adding up your pom-poms with different two game mats, one on either side.


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Who loves pom poms? All those lovely colours and just so much fun to get learning with without even knowing it ?

Our pom pom activity is a double sided worksheet, two games to choose from.  One side has five different coloured ovals (colours may vary from mat to mat) for your amazing learners to sort and match the pom poms too.  Your set includes 25 pom poms 5 x 5 of the same matching colours to the 5 oval colours on your mat. It’s all about sorting and matching up the pom poms to the correct colours.  Maybe ask them to find “1” “2” “3” “4” pom poms of the same colour and place them onto their matching ovals.

Then turn your mat over to find a new activity where you have two circles with a square under each one. Here you can write a number from 1-25 in each box (mustn’t go over 25 when added together).  Next get your amazing learner to find and count out the same number of pom poms. Take it a little further asking them to add up the two circles and see how many pom poms the two numbers make.

So many ways to use and develop as your amazing learner starts recognising and engaging with simple sorting, matching, counting and adding. 

A4 size| double sided | 160gsm card | 250 micron laminate sheet

We have a number of different sets and worksheets available, please do take a look.  Why not create your very own bumper Amazing Learner folder..?

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