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My Amazing Little Explorer worksheets

 Let’s go exploring!..

With our fun full of colour laminated worksheets, your amazing little learners and explorers, will have hours of fun exploring our local places.  With 16 different items or places at each location, can you find them all?….



Who just loves going exploring?… 

As a family we love to visit different places and create our own adventures.  Exploring and finding all of the hidden treasures each place has to offer us. It’s so much fun.

With our NEW range of “I’m an amazing little explorer” full colour A5 double sided laminated worksheets, you can join in with our fun adventure finding too.  (A4 sheets will be available upon request)

Simply grab your locations worksheet, a dry erase pen and let’s get going.  How many places or items pictured on your worksheet can you find?

What materials have been used to create some of the items? What flowers can you find? Do you know what type of tree is pictured?  Is there a park to play in? Maybe historical items to find and so so much more.

We are so lucky locally in and around Gosport to have some amazing places to go exploring in.  Now you can take your laminated worksheet for your favourite place or perhaps a new place you’ve not explored yet.  All our exploring worksheets also feature a QR code.  Simply scanned the code with a devices camera and you will be taken straight to Google maps with its location.  

I also offer many more worksheets and activities based games in both A4 and A5 options, which are super handy for popping in your handbag.  So not only can you use them at home but also they are ideal for taking on trips, meals or days out.  

A5 size | 160gsm card | 250 micron laminate sheet

Remember we have a number of different sets and worksheets available, so please do take a look.  Why not create your very own bumper Amazing Little Learner folder..?

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