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Helicopter Lets Create & Learn Pack

NEW RANGE  “Lets Create & Learn Packs”

Our lovely new range of “Lets Create & Learn Packs feature not only our lovely projects, but also a fantastic guide book too.  So you can find out lots of facts and information about your chosen project in this case its our Helicopter.  So grab yourself a pack, take your Lessons with Piggles’ and get creative with designing your very own Helicopter.  Lets Fly to the Sky!….


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We love to look at finding out more about some of the items we can craft and make.

So I’ve come up with this lovely create and learn range!  Featuring not only our lovely projects, but also a Guide book too.  So you can find out lots of facts and information about your chosen project too.

So first take a sneak peek through your book, perhaps find a picture to help design your own Helicopter.  Next get your kit and get creative.  Designing your very own Helicopter.  Then enjoy learning so much more than you thought with the delightful and insightful guide/fact finding book.  Follow Piggles’ on each of his Lessons to learn so much more about your helicopter, how does it fly? what’s inside a helicopter and so much more….



  • Wooden Helicopter shaped piece
  • Wooden Rotor Blades
  • Small semi-circle wooden stand
  • 3.5ml mini paint pots x 4 different colours
  • Paintbrush
  • Ribbon to hang


Dimensions: Kit Height 10cm by width 18cm   The book 25cm square

Recommended Age 5+ with adult supervision encouraged

RDP kit difficulty level 3 = A Little Tricky

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