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Emotions Worksheet with Gauge

How am I feeling today…?

With our bright and colourful designed emotions worksheets, you can look to unlock ways for your amazing learners to express themselves to you.  Even if they do not have the words just yet by drawing, circling or just scribbling on the emoji emotion face, they can get across how they might be feeling.  Reducing frustration and moods/anger.  Especially when they are trying so hard to express how they feel, but it’s just not coming out right.

For those wishing to begin recognising and spelling out our emotions, use our tracing worksheet to build on their development.



Today I’m feeling….?
Sometimes it’s not easy to get across how you or someone one is feeling.  It can be hard for them to express their emotions and feelings.  To find the right words to show what they are feeling perhaps having a visual aid could help.

I have designed fun, brightly coloured worksheets using emojis that children and adults can relate to.  It doesn’t matter hoe old or young you are, you can use the worksheet by either pointing, circling, crossing, or even a scribble on the emotion they are feeling.

The gauge from green (calm) to red (angry) can also help to allow a child (or indeed adults) show how they are currently feeling by marking where on the gauge they are currently feeling.  Then complete an activity and revisit the gauge for another great visual aid in seeing how that activity has made them feel.

These worksheets have proven very popular and the best bit is they can be wiped away, thus taking the view that tomorrow is another day.  A fresh start to a new day.

A4 size | 160gsm card | 250 micron laminate sheet

We have a number of different sets and worksheets available, please do take a look.  Why not create your very own bumper Amazing Learner folder..?

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