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Animal Alphabet Velcro Activity Mats

Let’s enjoy learning our alphabet with our awesome Velcro Activity Mats. With the whole alphabet split simply over two mats, place them next to one another and enjoy as one larger board if you choose.

Enjoy our popular product range of Velcro activity mats.  These are fantastic educational resources to enjoy with your Amazing Little Learner at home or even when out and about.

I personally hand-make each game and love designing more for all of our Amazing Little Learners to enjoy over and over again.

Special Edition Velcro Activity Mats for special occasions and events such as Valentines, Easter, Halloween and Christmas are also available at certain times of the year.  Plus watch out for our bilingual versions too.

To purchase bulk mats, do checkout our mix n match options 

My boys just can’t put these games down!

All edges are rounded to ensure safe use.

Our velcro activity mats are UKCA tested.

160gsm card | 250 laminated micron sheets | Velcro coins


10 in stock


Introducing our alphabet Velcro Activity Mats.  Split over two A4 laminated worksheets, your amazing little learners will be able to have great fun matching up the letters of the alphabet.  Great discussion time mixing them up and chatting about each letter in turn.  So will they choose to match them in order?  Or why not turn the pieces face down and choose one at a time to turn over and see if they can match their chosen letter to the correct space.  So much fun learning without even realising.

Our alphabet set comes as a separate set in its own wallet.  All edges are rounded to ensure safe use too.

If you’d like to create a personalised folder of games to include this alphabet, please message me separately.  (This alphabet set would class as two Mats)

I personally make all of our activity mats, with cutting, laminating and recutting ensuring all edges are round cornered and provide a sealed edging to ensure safe use.

Our velcro activity mats are UKCA tested.

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